TYJ. Piece where three solos happen bound together by a search of a place to take a stand. Place where metaphors and allegories are the most used figures in manufacturing of an object that indicates rather than embodies the meaning.

TYJ. Three figures – bound by tacit agreement – construct a tale made of dance, music and poetry to give an articulated form to lyricism.

TYJ. Place where audience have a choice to observe & experience or interpret & understand, by shifting a focus from the ‘singing & playing bodies’ corporeality to figures that emerge from this movement.

Lyrics & text for TYJ

Conception Alina Bilokon | Lea Rault
Interpretation Alina Bilokon | Lea Rault | Jeremy Rouault
Lyrics & Music Alina Bilokon | Lea Rault | Jeremy Rouault
(except: Syncopation by Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan & Penthesilee of Heinrich Von Kleist)
Light design Thibaut Galmiche
Sound Clement Lemennicier
Costumes Anna le Reun / Under the bridge
Objects design Lucie Le Guen
Artistic collaboration Arnaud Stephan | Radouan Mriziga
photography Lise Gaudaire

Co-Production Theatre de la Ville – Paris | La Passerrelle – Scene Nationale de Saint Brieuc | Musee de la Danse – Centre choregraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne | Le Triangle, Cite de la Danse – Rennes | Danse a tous les etages – Rennes | Itineraire Bis, Association de Developpement Culturel et Artistique des Cotes d’Armor

Support Ministere de la culture et de la communication / DRAC bretagne au titre de l’aide à la creation | La Region Bretagne | Conseil general des cotes d’armor | Teatro Municipal do Porto – Rivoli . Campo Alegre (PT) | La Metive – Lieu de Residence de Creation Pluridisciplinaire en Creuse | O Espaco do Tempo – Montemor o Novo (PT) | Collectif Danse Rennes Metropole | WP Zimmer – Antwerp (BE) | gouvernement – Gent (BE)

This piece won 3rd and Audience awards in Danse Elargie contest organised by Theatre de la Ville – Paris and Musee de la danse – Rennes.