Lyrics & Texts for TYJ

Here & Hot

Alina Bilokon

oh God. let me be here
let me be hot. oh God
I’m not ready. God
where is my skirt. oh God

oh God. just let me be here let me be hot

give me advice. oh God
I can not do this without it
oh please. just give me advice
because you definitely know what I need

I will behave
I will be brave
I will be straight

oh God. just let me be here let me be hot

I’m wondering about result
of this way of time spending. oh God
it’s not working when I’m on my own
you should rule me with your iron rod

it’s time for advice!
you are the only one knowing how this should be
can you be more specific, oh dear
your wisdom is overwhelming

I will behave
I will be brave
I will be straight

oh God, just let me be here let me be hot

look at this overflowing positivism!

Powers Over My Matters

Alina Bilokon

I want you to be sure of what I am doing now
Look, I’m standing, I’m singing, I’m dancing
Made of sterner stuff, strict and severe
My sharp eyes are missing nothing

Our story is like a class warfare
We are playing in different leagues
You are sitting in your orthopedic chair
I am weeping my crocodile tears

We never will feel satisfied
Cause you are meant to do something special
Only your generosity – is what I like
Exercise of your powers over my matters

Tell where are your thoughts right now
On your lover’s chest, on seaside, at home
They’re connected to your real desires
I know you pretend you are an admirer

Oh, Me. I dream of a day in SPA
Some private SPA. Where I am alone
Where I don’t need to look at other’s beauties
SPA. Where oily rubbing will make me moan

It’s the only thing we have in common
We always want to be somewhere else
I can not really lean on your empathy
We will always be like berries and bears

And we never will feel satisfied
Cause you’re meant to do something special
Only your generosity – is what I like
Exercise of your powers over my matters


Léa Rault

This is our love, for fathomless love.
My poise is my trademark,
Don’t take it personal, I am enjoying it.

This is our love, for fathomless love !

I look at myself hurling my joy off the cliff, and I laugh,
Rubbing my heart against stones, Orcus smoothering my strange moves,
I’ve made up a whole story, worry, I’ve whirled and I’ve swapped roles, poles.

We’ve been taming each others, performing gaze,
Playing games, joking with the maze, like life depends on it !

Eating pleasures,
Pleasures to eat !

Oh, I’m offering myself to you,
But always seeking a place that is mine,
I’ve spinned and I’ve stormed out of given awes, I
want to have goose pimples, you know ?
Ungraspable.Available. Capable.Adorable. Desirable. Laughable. Unsuitable. Lovable.

I’ve stood in the song, the space is filled with joy,
my lines, squares, circles create new zones,
where the lion seeks his own path, that is mine.
When one says : from afar it is something, too close it is nothing,
lion says : from inside it is thrilling !
Enjoying death even, I’m performing.
Like a good song, all over again.


Heinrich Von Kleist

Elle freine la course fougueuse de son cheval,
La poussière s’élève autour d’elle,
Et le visage radieux tourné vers la cime,
Elle mesure un instant la paroi :
Son cimier lui-même, comme s’il s’effrayait,
La tire par le crâne violemment en arrière :
Puis tout à coup lâchant les rênes,
On la voit, prise de vertige, presser à la hâte
Son front cerné par le flot des cheveux
Dans ses deux petites mains.
Bouleversées par cette étrange vision,
Toutes les vierges s’affairent autour d’elle,
La suppliant avec des gestes ardents et insistants ;
L’une qui semble être une proche parente
L’entoure de son bras, tandis qu’une autre,
Encore plus décidée, saisit les rênes :
On veut de force l’empêcher d’avancer,
Vaines sont les tentatives pour la retenir,
Elle repousse avec douceur et fermeté
Les femmes, et d’un trot nerveux
Elle va et vient le long de la paroi :
Cherchant si quelque sentier étroit ne s’offrirait
A son désir qui n’a pas d’ailes ;
Puis on la voit, l’enragée,
Escalader la paroi rocheuse,
Frayant dans son désir ardent, sa voie,
Pleine de l’espoir insensé d’attraper
La proie prise dans les rets.
Après avoir tenté les crevasses les plus douces
Que la pluie a creusées dans la roche,
La pente, elle le voit, est impraticable ;
Mais comme privée de jugement, elle revient sur ses pas
Et reprend l’escalade comme au commencement.
Et s’élance, l’infatigable, en effet,
Sur des sentiers que le pas du marcheur éviterait,
S’élance tout près du bord supérieur de la cime,
Un rien l’en sépare ; et alors qu’elle se tient
Sur un bloc de granit qui n’offre pas plus de place
Qu’il n’en faut à un chamois pour se tenir,
Terrifiée par les rochers qui se dressent autour d’elle,
Elle n’ose plus faire un pas, ni en avant ni en arrière ;
Les cris angoissés des femmes percent l’air :
Elle précipite soudain cavale et cavalière,
Parmi les roches qui se détachent avec fracas,
Comme si elle chutait dans l’Orcus,
Jusqu’au pied de la paroi rocheuse,
Et ne se rompt pas le cou mais n’apprend rien non plus,
Se relève et repart à l’assaut de l’escalade.

Who eats Who

Alina Bilokon

gaze is directed to very Apex ones

at first it’s common to feel like a Zebra facing mouthy Lions
letting their Foxes contemplate my Hares

is the only way to keep upgrading trophic levels

and the great leap forward may occur
big run for scarce resources is beginning
fight for rank and access to reproduction
big in-bud contest for clique integration

symbiotic relationship become prospective
the living together of unlike organisms
interspecies friendships get into perspective
awkward interaction mechanisms

Zebra. striped coat horse

popular in form of rug, once it’s dead
submitted to stress, but very briefly
that’s why it gets no ulcers. Sapolsky said

she likes to share her space with Ostrich
largest living flightless bird

the great reality avoider
its head in sand is often buried

they work effectively together
from each other’s strength they benefit

one can see and other hear & smell the danger
together they avoid the threat

Hyenas are frightening and worthy of contempt
laughing and giggling they scavenge and hunt
with short back legs and drooling jaws
popular tale tells they can hypnotize

some real thugs are having them as pets
spotted females dominate their males
competing for the top-spot in predators league
with Lions the Queens

Crocodiles ambitious hunter
energy efficiency makes them go for bigs
Gustav large male from Burundi

in Ruzizi river had 300 men for meals

cricket eat grass
frog eat cricket
hawk eat frog
hawk eat mouse
mouse eat grass
mouse eat cricket
snake eat mouse
hawk eat snake
snake eat rabbit
rabbit eat grass
wolf eat rabbit
wolf eat deer
deer eat grass


Léa Rault

I’m delighted to submit.
To Who’s on top.

I’m the lion the one you can squeeze, you can bite.
But who will cry if I abandon you?

And will you cry if I abandon you?

I’m delighted to submit. Who’s on top?

Don’t worry, I’ll come back.

From your top position, you can’t see anything,
And I see your ass, your fragile neck and chin.
And I see your strength in a square position.
And I see your standing in a fragile motion.

You think I’m a fool but I’m the happiest.
I spend lazy days lying and topless.
But my eyes are aware of your little tricks.
And one day you will see where I suddenly fit.