Pilot Fishes is a dance & performance collective under the direction of Alina Bilokon & Léa Rault.

The Siberian Trombinoscope is spoken, danced & sung series of portraits, actions and interactions based on rules, codes, despairs and other contemporary miseries that orchestrate the world.

Pilot Fishes · The Siberian Trombinoscope

The Siberian Trombinoscope

14 October 2022 – Le Petit Echo de La Mode, Châtelaudren

15 October 2022 – Centre Culturel Mosaïque, Collinée

Life Insurances

11-12 January 2023 – Le TU, Nantes

28 January 2023 – Le Mac Orlan, Brest

24 March 2023 – Le Petit Echo de La Mode, Châtelaudren