Premiere 2023

Life Insurances

As actions we take in order to protect ourselves from the undesirable.
As precautionary measures which, when push comes to shove, might prove themselves useless.
As fictions we fill our lives with instead of accepting that we are going into the unknown.

Fear is where it all comes into being.
Fear of disappearance, loss or harm to loved ones is not only a driver of exaggerated preventive measures, but is also a source of most forms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and superstitious behaviour.
To worry is to pretend that we know or control what we actually don’t.

In Life Insurances we explore the comic potential of all these vain, useless and absurd actions and coping mechanisms that structure our presence in the World.

Conception, Creation & Performance – Alina Bilokon & Léa Rault
Text – Alina Bilokon & Léa Rault
Music – Alina Bilokon & Léa Rault & Jérémy Rouault
Light Design – Thibaut Galmiche
Costumes & Accessories – Anna le Reun / Under the bridge
Artistic Collaboration – Arnaud Stephan

Production – PILOT FISHES
Co-Production – In Progress: Le Petit Echo de la Mode, Châtelaudren | TU, Nantes | Danse à tous les étages, Rennes | Le Vivat, Armentières
Support – Réservoir Danse